Radiant Faces…


The beginnings, of a second attempt, at the first lesson in Radiant Faces.   I’m happier with this one, as I changed the paper/book to a strathmores media journal…and the paper is so much better when water s added to the page.

Anyway I will keep on working on it and come back later with the finished page.


new art journal…

I started a new art journal.  I added watercolour pages to an old book cover to make this new journal.  So far I have worked on a couple of pages.



I want to add more meaning to my pages, but I seem to have difficulty with adding words to them.  Anyway maybe that will come in time.

The reason I called my blog soul treat art journaling was because it is my treat , to myself to play with paint, pencils, paper and colour.



After a few days of heavy rain and grey skies, there is some signs of spring on the way.  The days are a little warmer.

And the first baby birds of the year are squeaking for food all day, keeping their parents busy.



drive in the countryside…

We headed off this morning for a drive in the countryside.  It was to buy this fabric for a quilt I am going to make.  Not art supplies this trip, as I have more than one creative interest.

DSCN0609Patches of Kyogle was where we were headed first.


Then we had a wander down the main street and lunch at a cafe.


 Then we decided to take a big loop home, past grazing cattle.

DSCN0597Through a little town by the river.DSCN0598

DSCN0599Along a dirt road, towards a rainbow.


DSCN0605And back past another twist in the river.DSCN0606Anyway it was a nice drive in the country, which took longer than was first planned, and I can now begin my quilt.

not perfect…

_DSC0102This is the first page in a art book, I am going to alter.  This face is coloured with copic marker, I’ve had for 6 months and hardly used.  I know I have a lot to learn about copic markers, but that is half the fun.  The first layer was cheap gesso, which is a little too plasticy, than a stencil with ink and then I just went ahead and sketched and coloured the face.  I am surprised the markers went as well as they did over the gesso.  And they didn’t bleed through to the other side which was great.  They are a bit too streaky though, but if I add more layers and some coloured pencils that might help.


Can’t wait till I have a book that’s fat and bursting, with fun.


I joined Teesha Moores,  Artrosnauts club and am exploring this form of collage.

The images are from the collage sheets that are included in the club.


I don’t seem to know what style I want to collage, because I like the style below to.


Anyway I can just keep playing and maybe my own style will emerge…somewhere between the two.


I would love to add more meaning to my pages, and as I’m showing I have lots of incomplete pages that need words.


And some pretty roses, because I found them at Woolworth’s for $5, today.




Even though they aren’t perfect they are still beautiful!!!

Life book Atc swap…and more!

_DSC0527I joined in the Life Book 2014 Atc swap and these atc’s arrived from Gail.  The theme of the swap was ritual.   Gail also sent a little package of paper pieces to add to art…which I will have a lot of fun with adding to pages.


…these are the 2 atc’s I created!


I received art journaling mail today, Art Journaling and Somerset Studio magazines from Artified.

_DSC0536….and this new watercolour journal from Strathmores. I actually bought 2…One for drawing and painting and the other one for collage.  I love the size and it lies flat, I think this will be my new favourite art journaling book.


day out…


….yesterday we had a day out in Byron Bay….first to see this movie, then lunch and  a visit to the lighthouse.

DSCN0564…this is the view looking north.

I love how the sun rays are shining through the clouds.


…the most easterly point of Australia…


…the view looking south towards Lennox Head!


…even though we go to Byron from time to time we hadn’t been up to the lighthouse for a lot of years.  There was lots of tourists taking pictures…the sea was very calm and there were a couple of whales, out to sea, heading north for their yearly migration.