back and hoping to blog more!!

_DSC0351The Beautiful Faces book by Jane Davenport, was a gift I received at Christmas.  And she also has an online class by the same name, which I am taking.  The class works through the exercises in the book, showing shading and techniques to draw and paint faces.  It’s lots of fun.

_DSC0350This is a drawing I did from one of her lessons.  I did not have all the same art supplies so I had to improvise with what I have.

I have also been taking Kelly Kilmer”s, Making my Mark monthly collage art journal class.  Somewhere along the way I hope to develop a style of art journaling of my own.

With Easter almost here, the last few months have flown by, I so wanted to achieve much more than I have.  I wanted to blog far more than I have done, and filled an art journal.  I still struggle with finding meaning to my pages, maybe that just takes time.


not perfect…

_DSC0102This is the first page in a art book, I am going to alter.  This face is coloured with copic marker, I’ve had for 6 months and hardly used.  I know I have a lot to learn about copic markers, but that is half the fun.  The first layer was cheap gesso, which is a little too plasticy, than a stencil with ink and then I just went ahead and sketched and coloured the face.  I am surprised the markers went as well as they did over the gesso.  And they didn’t bleed through to the other side which was great.  They are a bit too streaky though, but if I add more layers and some coloured pencils that might help.


Can’t wait till I have a book that’s fat and bursting, with fun.


I joined Teesha Moores,  Artrosnauts club and am exploring this form of collage.

The images are from the collage sheets that are included in the club.


I don’t seem to know what style I want to collage, because I like the style below to.


Anyway I can just keep playing and maybe my own style will emerge…somewhere between the two.


I would love to add more meaning to my pages, and as I’m showing I have lots of incomplete pages that need words.


And some pretty roses, because I found them at Woolworth’s for $5, today.




Even though they aren’t perfect they are still beautiful!!!