new fountain pen…


mail arrived today with this fountain pen I bought off Jane at the Institute of Cute.


of course I had to quickly try it…


along with some pens from the Byron Art shop…


And on the wall across the road from the art shop was this graffiti style mural…

it wasn’t there last time we were down there.

The art shop is in the industrial estate so there are big cement walls for a canvas…





…and just because the colour is beautiful, a pic of a rose in my garden!



Radiant Faces…


The beginnings, of a second attempt, at the first lesson in Radiant Faces.   I’m happier with this one, as I changed the paper/book to a strathmores media journal…and the paper is so much better when water s added to the page.

Anyway I will keep on working on it and come back later with the finished page.

new art journal…

I started a new art journal.  I added watercolour pages to an old book cover to make this new journal.  So far I have worked on a couple of pages.



I want to add more meaning to my pages, but I seem to have difficulty with adding words to them.  Anyway maybe that will come in time.

The reason I called my blog soul treat art journaling was because it is my treat , to myself to play with paint, pencils, paper and colour.



After a few days of heavy rain and grey skies, there is some signs of spring on the way.  The days are a little warmer.

And the first baby birds of the year are squeaking for food all day, keeping their parents busy.