Happy New Year…2015!!

Hello 2015…looking forward to what it will bring…lots of happiness/joy I hope!

I was undecided if I wanted to commit to Lifebook 2015, as there has been so many pages in last year

that i just didn’t get to watch or do…

Now I have joined… and looking forward to the first lesson of the year…

with intentions to watch and do each lesson this year!!!


My creative wishes for the year is to spend more time being just that…more creative.

Spend more time daily art journaling and finding more meaning expressed in my pages.


I haven’t spent a lot of time drawing and painting through December.   We went to Canberra for our nieces wedding in the first couple of weeks of December, with a few days exploring NSW and the south coast of NSW.  And it was a great holiday.  Than when we got home it was all about getting organised for Christmas.  Our youngest son was home for a week over Christmas…which was wonderful to have him home or a few days.

Now things are returning to our usual routine…


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